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Essential Fatty Acids
These fatty acids are essential because they must be obtained through diet; the body can't make them. The body converts some essential fatty acids (EFAs) into the hormone-like substance prostaglandin, which reportedly has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Herbalists believe some people with acne lack enough EFAs in their diets. There are different kinds of EFAs, called omega fatty acids. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are the most commonly supplemented types, with omega-9 being less common.

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), EPA, and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids. The body turns some ALA into EPA, which in turn gets coverted to the prostaglandins. Several supplements include these omega-3 acids. A good source of ALA is flaxseed. Flaxseed is good for cardiovascular health and healthy skin and hair. Flaxseed comes in many forms: as a liquid, as softgels, as seeds that you can grind up, or as a powder. From the research I've done and information I've seen, the best form of flax is the seeds or powder. These kinds can significantly lower your cholesterol. Flax oil isn't as potent and doesn't have the health proven capabilities of the seed or powder forms. Most flax supplements in stores will be as liquid softgels. You can find flaxseed or flax powder at online supplement retailers. Swanson Vitamins has both milled flax seed and flax powder at reasonable prices. The other omega-3 acids, DHA and EPA, are found in fish oils. You can buy fish oil supplements or supplements of just EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil also has large amounts of EPA and DHA. Don't overdo it on cod liver oil, since it also has lots of vitamin A and vitamin D, two fat soluble vitamins. Cod liver oil doesn't taste that good, and some companies make supplements of cod liver oil in softgel form, with Nature Made being one of them. EPA and DHA lower your blood triglycerides unlike other omega-3 acids. They also prevent blood clotting by thinning your blood.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid (LA) are omega-6 fatty acids. GLA is an effective anti-inflammatory that is limited in human diets. It helps hair, skin, and nails to be healthy. It does take a couple of months to work though. Several supplements contain GLA. Borage oil is the richest source of GLA. Black currant seed oil and evening primrose oil are also good sources of GLA. Some studies suggest that evening primrose oil lowers cholesterol and is effective against cancer. LA can be found in evening primrose oil. Another source of linoleic acid is flaxseed.

I tried supplementing with essential fatty acids to help clear my acne. I took them all (flax, borage oil, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil, fish oils) in large quantities for a few months. It did nothing to help my acne. In fact, my acne seemed to be a little worse then before I took the EFAs. From my viewing posts of acne message boards, many people are using some EFAs as part of their supplement regimen. But I have seen very few people say they significantly decreased acne. Most improvements are minor and in my opinion EFAs are better taken for other health reasons. But since everyones' skin responds differently to different supplements, you might want to try it. You shouldn't have any problem finding EFAs in drug stores, health food stores, supermarkets, or retail stores. They're widespread and usually located near the herbs.

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What you do in the early moments of a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there's no one around to perform CPR on you, do the following:

Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can. Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm, compressing the heart and causing it to pump. It's a simle form of self-CPR.
Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives). Once your heart is stabilized, chew and swallow one asprin. Then take 2 cayenne pepper capsules or a tablespoon of Tabasco sauce. The asprin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking...while the Tobasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.
This simple technique can dramatically increase your chances of survival. Please share it with your friends and loved ones. It can save their lives!

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