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My Acne Experience
Welcome to the Natural Acne Treatments web site! I created this site to provide information about natural (non-drug) remedies for acne. I have suffered from acne for many years, and became frustrated with the over-the-counter products that didn't help or not enough. After many years I went to a dermatologist and was given the drugs doxycycline, sodium sulfacetamide, and erythromycin. Doxycycline didn't start to work until the last week of treatment, but then I was put on erythromycin, which made my skin worse. They even shined UV light on me for about one second. Antibiotics are not good for a few reasons. They don't discriminate, in other words, they kill good bacteria in the body as well as the bad bacteria. This weakens your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to other infections. The major problem is that bad bacteria in the human body can become resistant to prolonged use of antibiotics. If all the bad bacteria is not killed off the few remaining ones can pass on drug resistant genes, causing antibiotics to be ineffective in the future.

I went off my parents insurance and couldn't afford to keep going to the dermatologist. So I went back to researching more about using vitamins, minerals, and herbs to treat acne. I had been doing this previously, but without much luck. Then I came across some natural remedies that had been tested in clinical studies and the results published in medical journals. These vitamins helped tremendously, and along with some diet changes, my skin is about 95% clear.

Its better to try natural remedies for acne instead of drugs for a few reasons. First, natural supplments for acne are usually less expensive then acne drugs, even if you have insurance. They also have fewer side effects than drugs. And of course you have to visit a dermatologist and get a prescription for acne drugs. And you don't know which drug will be prescribed, it's not up to you. Have you seen those commercials where they say that nearly all acne can be cleared up by using drugs? But they have dozens and dozens and dozens of drugs for acne. If they really knew how to stop acne, they would have just one or two drugs that would work for everyone. They keep developing new drugs because most acne drugs don't work for most people. Most people don't go to a dermatologist just once for acne. They keep going year after year in the hopes of finding a drug that really works. It might take a lot of trial and error to find what really works for you. And even then, they will probably switch you to a different drug, since you can't keep taking the same antibiotics for long perods of time. So it makes sense to try some natural treatments for acne first. My goal is that you will find something on this site that will help you get your acne under control or nearly eliminated.

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How To Save Your Own Life During A Heart Attack

What you do in the early moments of a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there's no one around to perform CPR on you, do the following:

Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can. Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm, compressing the heart and causing it to pump. It's a simle form of self-CPR.
Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives). Once your heart is stabilized, chew and swallow one asprin. Then take 2 cayenne pepper capsules or a tablespoon of Tabasco sauce. The asprin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking...while the Tobasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.
This simple technique can dramatically increase your chances of survival. Please share it with your friends and loved ones. It can save their lives!

This article provided by Dr. David Williams, editor of the newsletter Alternatives, and who is referred to as the Indiana Jones of Natural Medicine.

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The creator of this site is not a doctor and does not guarantee any natural remedy will work. The information on this site is not medical advice but is for educational purposes. As you know, no single treatment works for all people. The sources for the information presented on this site comes from my own experiences, other peoples' experiences, and research on natural healing from numerous sources. By reading or using the information on this site, you release the creator of this site from all liability. You agree to accept responsibility for the choices you make and what you do to your body. If you have any doubts as to the safety of a remedy, do your own research or consult a doctor.

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