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Grapefruit Seed Extract
This substance is a natural antibiotic. Dr. David G. Williams, the author of Alternatives, has said that a compound in grapefruit seeds annihilates drug resistant bacteria. Disease causing bacteria are unable to become immune to this extract. And grapefruit seed extract doesn't harm your body's beneficial bacteria.

Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) is a strain of the bacterium enterococci that has become resistant to the antibiotic vancomycin. VRE is essentially untreatable, and fatal if it gets into the bloodstream. The medical community has nothing to treat it, as it's become the fastest-growing bacterial disease. But some doctors have revealed case histories of patients cured of VRE by taking grapefruit seed extract when nothing else worked. Since this substance works against deadly bacteria, it is also likely to work against the acne bacteria.

I remember reading in one of Dr. William's informational packets through the mail that this extract can be used for acne treatment. I don't know if he meant orally or topically. You could try mixing the powder from a capsule into some water and rinsing your face with it. Or try adding a smaller amount of water to the powder to make a paste and apply it to blemishes. I tried this once for an acne blemish on my arm and it had shrank considerably by the next day. In addition, you may want to take it orally to see if the combined effect is greater. You will probably have a hard time finding grapefruit seed extract in stores, so you'll likely have to order it online. The site www.swansonvitamins.com sells a couple different brands of this extract. At www.nutriteam.com/index2.html there is a lot of information on this extract that you may find useful. This extract can successfully treat many conditions. These NutriBiotic grapefruit seed extract supplements can also be found at the www.vitaminshoppe.com site.

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How To Save Your Own Life During A Heart Attack

What you do in the early moments of a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there's no one around to perform CPR on you, do the following:

Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can. Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm, compressing the heart and causing it to pump. It's a simle form of self-CPR.
Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives). Once your heart is stabilized, chew and swallow one asprin. Then take 2 cayenne pepper capsules or a tablespoon of Tabasco sauce. The asprin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking...while the Tobasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.
This simple technique can dramatically increase your chances of survival. Please share it with your friends and loved ones. It can save their lives!

This article provided by Dr. David Williams, editor of the newsletter Alternatives, and who is referred to as the Indiana Jones of Natural Medicine.

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